Coming Soon: Vampires

Hey folks! When last we met, I had just released the Nevermore Playset. Since then, I've not been idle. Amongst a number of other projects, I've put together a new expansion for Gothic Society - the Dracula Playset which will be released very, very soon. As you might have guessed, this expansion will add new rules for vampires in Gothic Society in the Bram Stoker tradition, but also shows how other interpretations might be added into the mix. 

Specifically, you're going to get two new character roles: the Count (or Countess), and the Vampire Hunter, modeled after Dracula and Van Helsing. You'll also be getting:

  • New Evil Antagonist collaboration questions
  • Two new family backgrounds (Ancient and Rogue Bloodlines)
  • Five new Desires and Relationships cards
  • New playset for up to six players
  • New artwork from Ennie-nominated Gothic Society artist Rob Hebert

So when will this be released? Very soon - look for it at the end of this month, just in time for Halloween.

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The release has been delayed a bit since we've switched to a different application for layout. Look for an update sometime the week of 10/3.

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